Rapido Racing Ltd

Equine Transport and Shipping

Terms and Conditions/Fairness Policy

  1. All business, without exception, is handled subject to our trading conditions (a copy of which is available from our office), whether we act as agents or otherwise.

  2. Arrangements with third parties are normally made by the company as agent for the Customer.

  3. Insurance cover is not provided unless specifically instructed.

  4. Horses carried at owner’s risk.

  5. Registered Office: The Old Station Yard, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 9WT

  6. Registration no: 2629810, England.

  7. Member of the Racehorse Transporters Association of Great Britain, Folly House, Lambourn, Hungerford, Berkshire RG17 8QG.

  8. We believe in free competition and in the discipline of the marketplace. We also believe in basic principles of openness and fairness: there are therefore some business practices we will not entertain – like deliberate and unjustifiable overcharging, hidden commissions to third parties, unfair sharing of the cost of vectors or other components of a shipment.

  9. We believe that operating according to the principles exposed above, the company makes an important contribution to the marketplace and the industry, and creates a valuable community.

  10. This document is meant to be a declaration of principles on the part of the company. More detailed and specific information about conditions of trading is to be found in our Conditions of Trading document.



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